Types of massages

Deep tissue massages are generally designed for more focused massage work. An example of this would be working a particular muscle or joint. The reason for doing this is it would allow me to access deeper layers of the soft tissue. Therapists most commonly use 3 and 6 fingers, reinforced fingers, knuckles, a flat elbow, opposing thumbs, the heel of the hand, and the forearm for deep tissue massages.

Soft tissue massages are used typically to loosen or relieve tight muscles. I will generally use my finger on a particular muscle until it relaxes and loosens.

Stone massage. Hot, smooth stones are used to massage the body. Heated stones are used to relax the muscle allowing a massage therapist to work deeper into the muscle. Sometimes what is known as energy medicine is incorporated into stone massages. However, in this case the heated stones are placed under the back, along both sides of the spine and on the torso to heat the chakra or meridians centers. Heated stones covered with oil are then used by the massage therapist to massage and work the muscles of the body.

The Swedish Massage uses long flowing massage strokes which are often times in the direction of the heart. There are 6 basic strokes that are used: effleurage , petrissage , friction, tapotement, compression and vibration.

These are just a few of the massage techniques that I am qualified to perform in a professional basis.

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