What will you get massaged during your Tantric sensual massage?


It is not only the shaft of the penis itself that is massaged during a Sensual male massage. The massage should include the perineum, as well as the testicles and prostate. Contrary to common belief, the experience is not always something that an uninitiated man is entirely comfortable with. This is especially true if the man is typically focused on performance, since a sensual massage is not about male sexual performance but about surrendering to passive, externally applied pleasure.

The receiver must be able to relax, put aside his usual need to prove himself sexually, and receive pleasure gratefully. The giver, on the other hand, must maintain the necessary degree of reverence for this ancient tantra ritual.

A full body massage will be performed, then;

The sensual massage begins with you lying on your back with his head propped up sufficiently to gaze up at me. Your hips should be propped up, his legs slightly spread and knees partially bent.

I will disperse ┬áthe cock and testicles with oil and it is then that ┬áthe massage at the testicles starts. Obviously, this must be done with utmost care, and with careful observation of the man’s face for any sign of discomfort . Particular emphasis should be given to the perineum. The massage then proceeds to scrotum, the area of the pubic bone and further upwards.

I will then apply gentle, uniform hand pressure on the base of the penis, working slowly upwards. A good technique here is to use alternate hands, pulling upwards and releasing rhythmically and then reversing the process, beginning at the head of the cock and stroking downwards.

You may get an erection, this is of little consequence and does not reflect on the efficacy of the massage.

On completion, the receiver should rest for several minutes either in utter quietness or to the strains of soft music.

This is a maleonly massage in london Uk.